BMW 5 520i MT

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Specifications BMW 5 520i MT


Number of doors4
Number of seats5


Type of enginePetrol
Engine LocationFront, lengthwise
Displacement cubic cm 1997
Number of cylinders4
The cylindersInline
Valves per cylinder4
Supply systemDirect injection
Horsepower / rpm184 at 5000 - 6250
Torque, Newtonmeter / rpm270 at 1250 - 4500


Type of boxManual (6 steps)
Type of driveRear


The front suspensionindependent, spring double wishbone
Rear suspensionindependent, pneumatic, multi-
Brakes frontDisc, ventilated
Brakes rearDisc, ventilated
Tires, standard equipmentfront - 225/55R17, rear - 225/55R17


Power steeringElectric

Dimensions, weight, volume

Length in mm4907
Height in mm1464
Wheelbase mm2968
Track, front / rear in mm1600/1627
Ground clearance in mm141
Turning circle in meter12.0
Curb weight in kg1670
Curb weight in kg2205
Consumption volume Min/Max in Liter520
Fuel tank capacity, l70

Dynamic properties

Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h,7.9
Maximum speed in km/h235

Fuel Consumption and Toxicity

Average Notional fuel consumption l/100 km6.4
City, l/100 km8.4
Highway, l/100 km5.2
The type and grade of fuelGasoline
Comply with the limits emissions controlEuro 5
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